Apartment Arrest

I am officially putting myself on house/apartment arrest. It was my husband's idea and he was joking about it...but I think I am going to take him up on it. Today is my 12th day of working straight( i worked through the weekend last weekend) and last night was the first night I didn't have something to do in a week. CRAZY!!! So I am going to not make any plans with anyone(which is hard for me because I love to be busy). And I am going to hang out at home and get some rest!!! How crazy has my life become that just vegging out sounds so fun to me??!!!

Anyways, my sweet honey bought me a pumpkin the other day when he was out....he knows how much carving pumpkins makes me happy. So I am going to hole myself in my house and carve!!! I found the cutest pumpkin decorating ideas on HGTV website...and I love it!! Since my husband doesn't really celebrate Halloween....we won't be having any spooky stuff but this is a fun way for me to still get my Halloween dose without getting into marital disputes over the holiday!!! Check them out!!

I thought the sequin pumpkin was an adorable idea....except I would probably do it with a little fake one that way I could reuse it next year. How cheerful!! And I love the idea of carving the initials......So adult for my adult life....and oh how I am into H's now that I am married!:)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

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