if Jesus was my husband....

So last week i went out of town for an entire week on business...to Oklahoma( i have blogged about it alot~!) So this was only the second time in our entire time of being married that we have been apart for that long. Now this time I was getting to go somewhere instead of just staying home while my husband is living it up in New York City, but still.....I was not looking forward to being gone that long. Well anyways, literally the MERE thought of being gone from him that long was enough to make me sick to my stomach. And I was THRILLED to come back home to him one week later. So it got me to thinking...marriage is supposed to be the only earthly comparison we have to the relationship of us and Christ. But I have gone entire weeks without so much as opening my Bible and only saying a few things to Jesus. Why do I not get that same sickening feeling in my stomach that I get when i prepare to leave my husband?? I may NEVER actually answer that question in this lifetime on earth. But I just want to begin to try to wrap my brain around what it would be like if I desired to be with Jesus more than I desire to be with my husband. I pray that the Lord would show me how to experience this desire on earth. I believe that it is possible but I know that I do not currently have those feelings. How incredible would my walk be?? It is exciting to think about :)

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