dreams are just dreams...right?

Recently I have been feeling more emotional than usual and more tired than usual. Well silly me I decided to voice how I have been feeling lately. Being the kind, understanding, supportive husband that he is he responds with" Maybe you are pregnant". WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ok now let me give a disclaimer. I love kids and eventually I DO want them...but right now I am in the "wow you are cute, let me hold you, oh no you are looking at me weird and now I am going to back away slowly because I am terrified that I just hurt you" phase. I like kids but the thought of having one right now just kinda terrifies me. I am praying that the feeling goes away eventually so I will actually be able to have kids without being terrified. So anyways, for once my mind had not gone to me being pregnant(because let's face it, ever since I got married, every month that I get my visitor has been met with jubilant rejoicing over not being pregnant yet) and my sweet husband has to go and get me all freaked out. Well then that very same night I had a dream that I was pregnant. It actually was not as terrifying as I thought and the dream kinda helped my fear out tremendously. I think that was God's way of saying " See you shouldn't be so terrified". So I am slowly moving closer to not being scared of having a baby.

But still wouldn't you know that when I told my husband about the dream.....he responds with" Maybe that is God's way of telling you you are pregnant." OH FOR THE LOVE HUSBAND.....are you just dying for me to get pregnant. I am making a solemn vow to not mention pregnancies to him anytime soon!! :)

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Garcia Family said...

Pregnancy is something that freaks us ALL out, whether you've had a kid, planned for the kid or what...it still freaks you out! But it's wonderful at the same time. I honestly still get scared! But I am a firm believer that god wouldn't give you what you couldn't handle. So he knows when you are ready, more then you do! And I would give you lots of advice!