so a little update from my post earlier about how I am being disliked at work because I am a woman. Well let's just say that my spur of the moment trip to Oklahoma could not have come at a better time. I really just needed to get away from all the negativity and re-focus myself and gain some of my confidence back. So I was nervous as you can imagine to go work with all new guys and was kinda fearful that I would run into the same type of close-minded people in Oklahoma. I WAS PLEASANTLY surprised. The guys there were SO respectful of me and they actually asked for and listened to my opinions on things. What a concept! It was so refreshing and gave me confidence that my challenges here have NOTHING to do with how I present myself but have EVERYTHING to do with the guys and how they think. I mean I kept telling myself that in my head but now my heart is actually believing that after my trip as well. God is so good!! HOORAY FOR OKLAHOMA!

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Garcia Family said...

Um...just a quick question...Why in the world are you up so early when you write these? Are you nuts! lol