so i went to Oklahoma and I conquered and came home....it was glorious!!! I spent time with all my favorite people including my in laws and close friends! I had sushi, ate at all my favorite restaurants, and bought a ridiculous amount of Oklahoma gear. Oh yeah and let's not forget that my super awesome parents drove up at the drop of a hat to come see me. I hope when I have kids that my kids feel as loved for their entire lives as I have felt for mine from my parents. Sure sometimes they can be a little paranoid and scared for me.... but I always tell them that I never doubt how much I am loved! So anyways, I had such a fun trip but I must say i was pretty excited to come home. A girl can only live in a hotel room out of a suitcase without her husband for so long! ;)

This past Saturday we went to Universal Studios with one of our favorite Floridian couples JD and Kim. We had so much fun....and I am pretty sure that I have never felt so sick in all my life from all the simulators. But Jonathan and I got in for free and that made it all worth it.

So i am starting the get Mandie to tone up exercise program. yep that's right..... I bought rollerblades ( yes I am apparently stuck in the 90's) that I am goint to start using and Theresa and I are gonna start doing yoga which I am really excited about! I have to get tiny before Theresa's wedding. Since I am standing next to her...I need to lose some weight..i don't want to be the fat lard matron of honor. haha!! Wish me luck! ;)

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