so yesterday I was confronted by something I truly never thought I would have to face in my lifetime. something that women faced you know during the 1900's right around the time of sufferage. But lo and behold sadly it rears its ugly face in 2008. Yesterday I was told that my leadman( who is the guy who reports directly to me) was talking with one of the on-campus operations managers( who is the position I report to but no my boss) and was telling him that he hopes I am leaving soon because he wants to get a dude supervisor in this position. And he doesn't ever want to work for any more B*tches again. Instead of the operations manager taking up for me and telling him not to talk like that, the ops manager simply responds " get used to it, they are all gonna be women from now on". WOW. Is all I have to say. Can i just say that deflated me flat to the ground. I have literally never felt so abused, misunderstood, trampled, and discarded as I did in that moment. The shocking thing is that I CANNOT believe that people in this day and age ACTUALLY still feel like this. Maybe it is just me being naive but I have thought up until this point how far America has come in its discrimination. I mean I know we are by no means perfect but I felt like we have made great strides. but now i just don't know. I mean one of the highest positions on the campus did not evens stick up for me. I truly expect that from my leadman because let's face it....i don't think he was taught any better and he has issues with his wife which I believe lead to his issues with women.....but the ops manager. HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Just imagine that if this is happening to me because I am a woman, just imagine how hard it still must be to be an African American woman in this country. I truly feel like this experience has helped me to gain a LITTLE insight into that situation.( notice the emphasis on the word little) I guess my frustration is simply at the fact that I am being hated for something I cannot change. No matter what I do I cannot ungirl myself(ok that probably sounds weird but you know what I mean), and that means that no matter what I do these people will never accept me. Pretty depressing. Anyways if anyone reading this(out of all two of you) has had any similar experiences or can encourage me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

" No one can make you feel inadequate without your consent"

I am clinging to this quote during this....maybe you will be inspired by it as well! *


realolivegreen said...

yikes! that is such a bummer! i'm sure you will handle the situation with a lot of class, because you're a classy lady. at least you get a week away to reflect in good 'ole Oklahoma right???

Garcia Family said...

Remember this quote as well:

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." --Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Just some food for thought.