fly away...

SO ifs official.....my first hurricane EVER!! Who knew it only took one year of living in Florida to experience the anger from the seas. Oddly( and yes I know this is odd because my husband lectured me on how odd it was when I told him) I am actually kinda excited about the hurricane. Not that I would EVER want anyone to die or anyone's house to be destroyed or anything bad to happen but now that Fay is coming I am kinda excited to see what it will look like and to say I have been through a hurricane. Is that dumb? Don't judge me. It is funny though because apparently this hurricane isn't even a bad one. It is pretty mild and people in Florida are FREAKING out. Someone told me that Walmart is completely out of water. And i am wondering if I am the only normal one who did not stock up on cases of water or if I am the only one who is too naive to take the precautionary steps. Whoops I guess we will find out. But they are saying that it won't be bad enough to knock the power out so I am not too worried. I really hope this hurricane gets the heck outta dodge by Thursday. Sheena and Alison are flying in for the weekend and I AM SO EXCITED!! i hope it works out and they still get to come. These two girls are my favorite in the entire world. Just being with them is such a breath of fresh air for me. I have truly missed hanging out with girls who know you better than you know yourself. That's how these girls are to me. Pray that hurricane Fay will get to steppin!!

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