are these people even human?

ok so normally i DO NOT watch the Olmpics. Like ever. In the past I just never could get into it. And of course I married the stinkin poster child for the Olympics. Jonathan LOVES it. I mean like every sport he watches, even the stuff that I don't think many people watch. (like synchronized diving) so it has been on in our house 24/7. I have decided now that the Olympics is absolutely GREAT!! I love it(even synchronized diving...go figure). watching the Men's 400 Relay sealed the deal for me! What an incredible race. And i loved the way they celebrated! Incredible!It seems weird to me that Michael Phelps is just this normal 23 year-old who went to Michigan.......I feel like he isn't a normal person....like he is maybe a super hero? Anyways, hands down favorite olympic sport is beach volleyball. Misty May and Keri Walsh are the super duper dream team! They are totally going to win the gold. They are so good! Jonathan and I are still trying to figure out which random sport we can pick up to make it into the olympics in four years. Badminton anyone? haha!

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