so I am getting an all-expenses paid trip to Oklahoma this this Friday night for an entire week!!!!! YAHOO!!!!! My work is sending me out there to fill in for a supervisor. I am kinda nervous because I do not know ANYTHING about the account but hopefully it will not be too tricky!!! But i am just so excited....I will have so much time to be able to hang out with all my friends!!! YEAH!!!!

Too bad I didn't know that I was going to be going to Oklahoma City until this week....I could have saved Alison time and money from coming to visit until latee! Oh well I certainly don't mind seeing her twice in two weeks!! FUN FUN!!!! Anyways we had a blast this past weekend!!! I just love my besties...they know me so well and I never have to try with them and it is really nice!!!!

If you think about it pray for me and Jonathan. We are taking a pretty big role in our Sunday School class and I have to say I am slightly nervous about it. I know that God has ordained and everything will work out fine, but it requires me to get outta my shell every Sunday and introduce myself to the new people who come to the class. SCARY!!! of course I don't mind it so much when I have a reason to introduce myself...and I have to call people every week.....and the Lord knows I am not good on the phone....but He will be made strong when I am weak!!!

Just a little song to finish my blog in an appropriate way.....OOOOOOOOOO KLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...the waving wheat sure smells sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain....OOOOOOO KLAHOMA every night my honey and I sit alone and talk.......I don't know the rest!!

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