Chop it off!!

Drum roll please......................................... I am getting my hair cut tomorrow!!!!!!! Yep you heard it right folks!! I, Amanda Lynn Howard, am actually cutting my hair. So i have been the worst ever because the last time I cut my hair was the Thursday after we got back from our honeymoon. In case you need help with the math, that is over a year ago. HORRIBLE i know...my poor hair. But I just really don't like paying money for just a "trim" and I really was glad to have long hair that whole time so I just never went. Now I am so stinkin excited to get all this length chopped off. I don't really know how short I will go but I do know that it will be somewhere in between the chin and the shoulder. I'm gonna send in my chopped hair to lock of love too!!! I am thinking I am going to do a Very angled bob!!!!! I hope I like it!! We shall see!!

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realolivegreen said...

excited to see it! I cut off 13 inches after my wedding, grew it out, then cut of 7 inches into a type of bob too! now i'm back to growing it out again. I'm sure you'll like the change! Oh, and I'm the same about paying money for hair trims/cuts on a regular basis.