Am I a weirdo??

So my husband thinks I am strange because I ALWAYS find the weirdest shows to watch. For instance, last night I watched two shows back to back. The first one was about children who have a disease that makes them aga at a rate of approximately 7 years for every one of their years. Then I followed that insightful show with a show on polygamy. Now my husband doesn't understand why I find all of this stuff so fascinating...but I CAN'T be the only one in the world who watches these shows??? RIGHT??? (However, I may be the only one who watched the 1,000 pound man last week....but I mean come on 1,000 pounds..who wouldn't want to tune in for that?) So anyways, these kids last night just broke my heart. This is such a rare disease that there are only 40 known cases in the entire world and doctors can only slightly guess at what exactly happens with the kids and there is no cure. Anyways it is just so sad that these precious little kids have to go through this. One little girl is only 10 years old but because of the aging, her body is approximately 70 years old. She can't gain weight or grow adult teeth. She stand barely above 3 feet and weighs a mere 21 pounds. But boy does she have a personality. I love that!!!! I mean this little girl was such an inspiration. So maybe that is why I watch these shows. Because these people with horrible circumstances still find hope and joy in the midst. And that challenges me. So go watch a weird show today....you may just like it!! :)

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Garcia Family said...

I love those kinds of shows! Have you seen the tallest man in the world yet?