Excuse me, but I think you need to work on your social skills, sir.

I just got back from what should have been a pretty uneventful but invigorating 1.5 mile run outside after work. I usually run around our apartment complex and there are usually ALOT of people out walking their dogs every time I run....so hey no big deal right? So I am just minding my own business and I see up the sidewalk a bit a guy walking a huge afro puff on legs. So knowing my experience with these types of small yippy dogs, I do the courtesy sidewalk scoot to give myself some room in between myself and the yapper. The owner is holding onto the leash and keeping the dog in check as the dog has a dramatic panic attack at the sight of me running.
A few feet after I pass the dog all of sudden I feel a nip at the back of my calf.....yes you heard right....... THE FREAKIN YAPPER ATTACKED MY LEGS!!!!!! Of course I screamed because it scared me SO bad and I wasn't expecting it. I stop mid-stride and turn around only to find the guy creepily SMILING at me like nothing had happened. Oh I'm sorry sir did you not see your dog ATTACK my legs and did you not hear me YELP afterwards???? Disgusted, I just continue to run. Next time, sir, if you don't keep hold of your dog he may just get a swift kick to his side......did I mention I am not a big fan of small dogs in the first place and that I would just like to run in peace without your animal invading my space? Oh and then of course the rest of the run every dog made me extremely paranoid!!!

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Kendi Lea said...

mandie!! you totally should have kicked it..