Good Friday.

Happy Good Friday to everyone. It is hard for me to say Happy today because my heart is saddened by what this day represents. My sweet, precious Savior gave up everything and made the greatest sacrifice possible....to pay a debt for me that I could never be able to pay. It saddens me when I think about the way he was beaten and abused, neglected, afraid and alone hanging there on that cross. BUT I rejoice because just three days later his body rose from the dead without a SCRATCH and into heaven!!!! That my friends is worth rejoicing......so I guess it really is a GOOD friday!!

Thank you my sweet sweet Jesus. Your beauty is unfathomable and I can't imagine what I would do or where I would be if I had not found you almost 10 years ago. You are always there and I am so grateful for what this weekend respresents not only to me but to those who have yet to experience you!!!!! I know that I fall short of deserving but I hope that you know that my heart's desire is to love you more every day and get others to do the same!!! THANK YOU JESUS AND PRAISE THE LORD FOR EASTER!!!!

I hope all of you know how very dearly and magnificently you are loved, all year round but most of all today, by the one who paid it all for you!

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