I saw this 4th picture tag on my bloggy friend Apron String's blog. I know this is not a new post by any means but I hadn't done it yet so I thought what the heck? Now I picked the third folder because the fourth folder was nothing but pictures of our apartment....very boring. So here is the fourth picture in my third folder.

Me and two of my best friends at a wedding the summer i got married!! I love this picture because it was such a beautiful day outside and I just ADORE weddings!!! And this one especially was super fabulous!! And I sure had a blast with these beautiful ladies!!

I TAG: Anyone who hasn't done this yet(all one of you probably) or anyone who just wants to!!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the shout out, yo.

I love weddings. I wish I could wear a wedding dress every day. I'm slightly obsessed.