I was informed the other day by my loving husband that " People just don't date the same way they did when we dated, honey". Oh yes I am sorry I forget that we dated in 1958 and it has been half a century since we dated. What the crap? Now let me back up so you will understand the context of this story. I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about her dating life. She mentioned that one guy that she likes doesn't ever really call her... he just texts her. So I was explaining to my husband how strange I thought this was when he enlightened me about the evolution dating has had in the past year.

Now maybe I am just weird. But i don't like texting. I really do think that the only appropriate time to text is when you are sitting in a movie and your boyfriend can't remember where you were sitting.....then you text him the number of rows so he can find you.....but that IS IT!!! I just don't get into the idea of having complete conversations through your fingers. It is just not the way God intended, people. But anyways, I think it is inapporopriate/ a cop out for a guy to be pursuing a girl and yet he never calls her. I don't think it is romantic to have to franticly type out words on a tiny computer screen and wait six minutes to get a response. Anyways just curious to know what other people think. Is this the norm now in the dating world? Have I been married so long that I am now completely out of the loop when it comes to this? help me. please.

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