Suckered in

I got suckered in the other night. Yep you heard right......complete and total sucker. I went to one of those Premier Jewelry parties the other night for a friend. You know she said that I didn't have to buy anything and she was just hosting it to get some free jewelry. So anyways I went and we had a good time....at first. Then we played this game where you had to basically tell the Premier lady to her face whether you would host a party for her in the future. ( I use the term game loosely, it was more like an uncomfortable torture device.) Well I was the last one to go and she had just gotten done saying that if 3 people signed up to host parties, then my friend Kim would get an extra 25 dollars in free jewelry. So two other people before me say they will host a party and when it gets to me I completely fold. Great so now I have just agreed to host this silly party in my tiny apartment, while inviting all of my friends that do not have any disposable income to spend on a 40 dollar ring. I did, however, sign up for my party in April, so now I have bought myself some time. I really need to find some old ladies to befriend who would want this mostly older looking jewelry. Ahhhh....why can I not say no?? It is such a curse. And now I am stressed about this party. Who wants to be the first person in history to host one of these where the seller makes absolutely no sales? I need to start lurking around the schools making friends with the teachers and moms...and quick. Wish me luck. Oh and if you happen to know any rich old ladies who are dying to throw their money away on jewelry, let me know!! :)

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