I was wrong.

Of for the love of everything good, I may not go on Facebook for a very long time due to all of the now angry people spouting off ridiculous, ignorant things in the face of Obama taking over the Presidency.I thought that it would get better when the election was over. Boy was I wrong. Now let me go on the record as saying that I voted for McCain for reasons that do not really need to be drawn out on this blog. HOWEVER, (and that my friends is a mighty big however) I do not think that Obama is a) A terrorist b) a dictator or c) the anti-Christ like so many of my fellow Republicans are trying to convince America of. I am now a supporter of Obama because I believe that our President deserves our respect and support no matter what. ( This is based on biblical teachings and I feel this is surely what God would tell all of the Christians that are up in arms about Obama). I truly believe that for President Obama to be successful, he needs all of our support and encouragement instead of our anger and our fear. Because let's be honest, whether you voted for him of not, we can all agree that we desperately NEED him to be succesful . President Obama's success during his presidential term is actually a win for us all. So please remember that the next time you get on Facebook, or your blog, or the phone, or any other vehicle of public communication with the purpose of slandering our new President. Our country needs to band together and support Obama. So that dear friends, is what I am doing.

*I apologize for the political rant: I am just fed up with the melodramatic crud I am seeing. (Also, I realize that the whole 5 people who read this blog are NOT the people that I am directing this post to....but hey a girl's gotta get it out somehow! ;)


Garcia Family said...

I completely agree with you. I was very tired of all of the smears on both Obama and McCain. It was all silliness and the American people have voted. Divided we fail!

realolivegreen said...

great post! i hope others can be the same kind of person you are in the face of this result.