Great Birth Control

So I found this website called "MakeMeBabies.com". And you can upload pictures of yourself and your partner and it will mix the two to show you what your baby will look like. This is what my baby will look like with Jonathan:

Needless to say, this terrifying little girl is some pretty great birth control not to have children. I mean seriously, little Kenley might have had a chance had they not stuck her in a chicken suit. Oh yeah and just in case anyone is curious I also created a baby with Brad Pitt that was the exact same baby!!! I mean my husband is hot and everything but BRAD PITT??? Come on website, do I not get any difference with my Brad Pitt baby!! Haha!! This was fun!

UPDATE!!!! was just informed by RealOliveGreen that she got the same baby as me.....ok MakeMeBabies.com: stop scamming everyone.

On a lighter note: this does mean that my baby with Brad Pitt has the potential to look cuter than that weird looking kid in the chicken suit. SCORE. ;)

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realolivegreen said...

I went and did this and got the same baby as you guys. hahaha! what a sham.