Ok so here are some muddled thoughts for the day......I really don't have a clue what to post...so you get some happening/lessons of this past weekend.

Did you know that when your husband is in grad school you would find yourself struggling in Microsoft Works to correct the spacing of his footnotes and put page numbers on his Terabian syle paper that apparently the people who created Works have never had to use. otherwise they would have created a program that wouldn't take a computer engineer to get it to create this Terabian sytle paper. did you?

It is a bad idea to stand too far over a pot of oil as you drop in biscuits while making homemade donuts. I now have disfigured purple marks all over my chin from the splash that biscuit made.

Foundation won't cover these unsightly burns and I have never actually thought that I would prefer having pimples on my face.

Can't decide if I want to begin reading Twilight and then get addicted to a book that I will be embarassed to have my husband know that I read.

The closer it gets to the holidays the less motivation I have to do anthing.

I tried to go shopping for Christmas gifts this weekend and realized that you really can't get crap for under 20 dollars these days.

My family will be here in 3 days and I am thankful that I can say that it is the highlight of my month.

We have decided to cook the Thanksgiving meal this year. And I am scared. (read point #2 for further explanation of this fear of cooking)

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