Tuesday's Thoughts

  • the other day while driving to work, I heard the very beginning of the early morning show on the radio. Not ok.
  • I need a giant turkey leg from the fair and a pumpkin straight from the patch soon or I may get cranky( subtle hint husband)
  • Team Lauren all the way: still can't figure out how Kristin isn't embarassed about taking Lauren's reality show reject.
  • Am actually scared to buy myself a bag of candy corn this year, starting to believe that crack is an essential ingredient in the stuff.
  • Have not gotten my flu shot and not planning on it: sick day + sleeping all day + watching insane amounts of tv= something I DO NOT want to avoid.
  • my husband, for the first time in our two plus years of being married, hogged the bed last night. i finally got to see what his life is like.
  • am finally giving in to the twilight craze and see what the fuss is all about. Willing to bet my left arm, I will be having dreams about Edward about 2 pages in.
  • hoping OU kicks some Longhorn booty this weekend!

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