Who needs the mall...when you have online Target??

Seriously, I need to get to Target immediately. I have been browsing the online site at Target and there is some seriously great things that need to find their new home in my closet. See I am really not big on designer anything..GASP I know! All of you just fell over and almost had a heart attack when I said that. Now don't get me wrong, it is all very pretty to look at and dream about, but MY reality unfortunately doesn't include spending hundreds of dollars to only get one piece. So there you haven't..... have NEVER bought designer and don't plan on it. I will stick with my Target and as long as they keep putting out the goods...it looks like I will be okay! ;)

These pretty little flats are only 12 dollars people!! Seriously...so cute to add a little extra to a simple outfit.
These boots are so cute...seriously...I DIE! Cannot believe they are Target. So pretty!! 30 dollars.
Love this dress...such a great staple for winter....you can acessorize to your hearts content!!

Love the silhouette of this.....and the pretty little bell sleeves. Good job Target!

Just in case you are wondering, I could get all of this for less than 100 dollars. Take that designer prices!!

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Brittany said...

I love Target! The flats are adorable!