The one where I get busted

Remember the post where I talked about giving up reality tv???

Well here is the conversation I had yesterday with the hubs.

Hubs: Walks in the room and stares at tv before I could change the channel- Aren't you supposed to be watching less reality tv??

Me: looks up from watching the same RHATL for the 50th time- Yes, I have given up a lot of shows!!!

Hubs: Really? What shows have you given up? Because you are still watching Real Housewives, The Hills, The City, the one about the flipper, Rachel Zoe, the one with those annoying real estate guys, so what have you given up?

Me:long silence............I don't watch Real Chance of Love anymore! (Hah...me thinking I got him.)

Hubs: I JUST saw you watching that last night.

Me: Crap.

Hi, bloggy world, my name is Mandie and I am a reality addict. :)


theluckiestmrs said...

Hahaha!! too funny...what is it about reality tv that's just so darn intriguing?!

Courtney said...

Came across your blog and I think you are adorable! Your "about me" section sounds just like me!