Discovered Treasures

Well I have to say I have missed the bloggy world for the past two weeks. I had to travel for work to Dallas to attend a conference. I have quite a few friends still in Dallas, so I went down the weekend before to stay with my dear "sister". We had quite a blast and did everything under the sun!!!

The conference was really long and made me wish I worked in an industry that wasn't so male dominated. By the end of it I was so DONE with hanging around with the guys and just wanted to have a girly conversation. I did get to see my best friend from high school one night which helped!!

While on the plane I read this:

Ummmm...I don't want to ruin it, but let's just say that your life won't be complete until you read this ( you think I am exaggerating but oh no-I'm not). It is seriously one of the most honest, beautiful, meaningful, heart-wrenching stories I have read in a long time. Well worth your 10 dollars on Amazon.

Also, while in Dallas, I went to a concert and found a new artist that I am obsessed with. I love when that happens, when the opening act is almost as good as the headliner and you get to find a new artist.

I give you Caitlin Crosby:

She kind of has a different sound. Very soulful meets rocker and her voice is very unique. She may not be for everyone, but check her out and see if you like her style!!

I'm off to watch One Tree Hill!!!

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