Sorry I have not been blogging more regularly...we are having some internet issues at our house which does make the blogging scarce. For some reason we are not getting very good reception to the internet right now. Imagine that. You can't borrow someone else's internet anymore like you used to in the old days! ;) Am blogging at work right now.....shhhhhh I know that is so bad!

My little sister in law is coming to visit this weekend to stay with us! Very exciting. I will post pics from the weekend and the Mercer Bears have a big game on Saturday against FSU!!! Go BEARS!!

On a very random side note... I am kinda in love with Vera Wang's jewelry collection at Khol's right now. I just received a $10 off coupon and I'm thinking about going back to buy one of these necklaces!! I literally can't stop thinking about them. So that is my rule for convincing myself to buy things I really don't need. If I can't stop thinking about it after a week I will go back and buy it up! This takes away some of my impulse buying. please note that I said some and not all. I am not a saint here.

Any of you ladies feel guilty about buying stuff for yourself during Christmas time when you are supposed to be shopping for others?

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