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  • we are house sitting this weekend for Jonathan's boss......and they have a whirlpool tub......I know what I will be doing tonight!

  • the above bullet sounds creepy...they are more family friends than co-workers...so that tub thing is less creepy.

  • We only have 3 more people left on my hubby's side of the family to buy Christmas gifts for.....we are on the ball!

  • I have had to keep a secret about a Christmas gift since August.......I am bursting and can't wait till its not a secret anymore.

  • I have NO IDEA what to get my husband for Christmas...this happens every year and completely stresses me out.

  • I almost had a heartattack over a pair of shoes today in DSW.....seriously I was so excited that I was talking out loud about how much I love them and didn't realize until a lady looked at me funny.

  • Went to see the movie THE BOX last night.....hubby and I thought it looked interesting.....WRONG...it was terrible...we were very angry after we left......I tried to get hubby to leave in the middle because it was that bad.

  • I need to get back on the running band wagon....I have been a slacker and have also been eating a ton.....why do I always end up being pudgy during the winter?

  • My life is being taken over by basketball now that hubby is the team chaplain...we are in full fledge season mode now. Our dinner talks usually include some sort of basketball lingo.

  • You should see my face full of confusion during these talks. Hubby has to define a lot of "terms" lately.

  • Am missing Lakeland a lot right now. Can't wait for Macon to feel fully like home. Moving is hard.
  • That was a lot of incomplete sentences above. I promise I took

  • My bestie is moving to California in January. I am so proud of her for taking such a big leap and moving out there by herself.
  • I am even more proud that she picked such a great place to move to so I can visit!!

  • Is November 14th too early to put up Christmas decorations?

  • I bought these shoes today for 15 dollars.....Love them.
Happy Saturday!

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