all I want for Christmas is walmart.

So I went online the other day after reading the so cute Just Dandy to find the below boots that she mentioned.

Beautiful right? Now guess where she found these at?

Walmart.com!!! They are 20 dollars and 1 dollar shipping. So for a whopping 21 dollars you can be walking around in these glorious boots!!!

So I went online and decided to do a little looking and holy moly this is NOT the wal-mart I grew up with. Check out some of the stuff they have. ADORBS!

Disclaimer: Now I haven't seen any of this stuff in person, so it could b e a total train wreck IRL, but for only 1 dollar shipping, try it out and if you hate it, then I bet you can take it back to a Wal-mart store!

This grey shift dress is super cute and would look cute with black tights and boots and a cute pop of color, maybe a cardigan or a statement necklace.
LOVE These suede little booties!! Now these are perfect because they are 25 dollars and you know this trend won't last forever. I have been wanting a pair of booties but am NOT loving the price tag for such a trendy item. Problem solved.

This coat is fabulous!! Only 40 dollars!! Love the funnel neckline and I LOVE white coats during winter!
Way to completely kill it Wal-mart. I will let you ladies know if I end up buying any of this.


Simply Me said...

just found your blog- so cute! :)

Courtney said...

Wow.. let me know how you like them. I might have to start looking at wal-mart differently.
By the way, I was thinking the same thing about our husbands looking alike. Is he pretty tall too?