and you thought you could get rid of me....

well I don't go away that easy! ha! I have just been taken over by life lately. The hubby and I went on vacation to DC last week! I didn't say anything due to my extreme paranoia of stalkers over the interwebs!!!

We have also been dealing with some pretty life-altering, course changing decisions. Two of them...one right after the other. So I have been kind of just hiding away by myself trying to rid myself of all distractions and trying to hear his small voice. I wrote on Facebook the other day that "God was sure throwing a lot of curve balls lately" and one of my friends responded with "That just mean He has you up to bat!". I thought that was a pretty cute and positive way to think of it. More on that to come in a later post.

On top of all of that, I just recently got dealt a doozie at work. I was told last week that they need me to travel Charlotte, NC to help out with some things. Which was fine until they told me how long they needed me to go for. You know just from August 23rd through the beginning of October.....WHAT? WHAT THE WHAT? That is some serious travel time. And unfortunately the hubby of course will not be able to come with me. Boo. So I am not looking forward to that at all. This does however give me such a wonderful(albeit a small sliver of) insight on all of the military service men and their wives. They have to part for so much longer and I am so thankful for their sacrifice!

Anyways, I need your help. Has anybody ever lived in Charlotte or been and knows of anything to help me survive in the city?? Any great restaurants, tips, shopping, or friends that I can play with while I am there? ha! Also, has anyone ever traveled that long from home and lived in a hotel and have any tips on how to make a hotel feel more like home? I have lived in a hotel for a week or two at the most and amy slightly overwhelmed at the thought of packing for that long. Any tips?

Be back soon with a DC recap!