Vacay Recap Part 1

Our first started out with some brunch at a lovely little outdoor shack of a restaurant. I had the buckweat pecan banana pancakes, eggs and bacon. It was so yum! I love going out for brunch and the food was so fresh and amazing.

Then we headed over to Ocean Beach. A cute little hippie beach town. We walked around and looked at the shops, then set up shop on the beach! We stayed in our chairs though, because even though it was a pretty hot day, one dipped-toe in the water told me it was FAAAREEEEZING!

Then we headed back to Sheena's little bungalow to get ready for dinner and a concert. We headed out for dinner and had the hardest time finding anywhere that did not have an hour or more wait. We finally ended up at En Fuego, a mexican restaurant. We waited at the bar and all had the most delicious Mojitos with chips and salsa. The food was fab and we ate on the pation again. ( I love all of the eating on the patio, the weather is so wonderful at night) We laughed ALOT that night. Then we headed to downtown San Diego for the concert but we missed the concert. :( oh well....we then head over to a place called Extraordinary Desserts. They only have desserts and let me tell you everything looked amazing! It would be such a cute first date!

The next day we slept in and of course.....headed to brunch again! Duh!We like to eat, what can I say. We walked around the corner this time to a little place and it was hopping! there were so many people there. I had an avocado, bacon, and cheese omelette, some breakfast potatoes, toast, and a cup of their homemade french vanilla coffee.....mmmmmm just typing that is making my mouth water. Later on we went over to the Farmer's Market and had a ball shopping and trying everything out.

We hit up Anthropologie and did some shopping! Love that place! Then we headed to church. I loved the church home that Sheena has found. It makes me so happy that she has found such an amazing place to worship. Then we headed to eat a light dinner and of course had to hit up the fro yo around the corner too!! It was yummy!

We ended up having a low key night watching a movie and talking and laughing!

We had so much fun the first two days! Part Two coming up tomorrow!


Heather said...

Great pics...looks beautiful!!

Courtney said...

My goodness you guys did a lot. Great pictures!

A Wedding Story said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!

Lindsay said...

Looks like fun with friends :) Love it!

Brittany Ann said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that lives for delicious brunches on vacation! Yum!

Day Old News said...

Aw, looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I need to drive my booty down to SD, it's been way too long.

Kelsey Claire said...

sounds like a perfect girls trip! I love the headband. Where did you get it?