double the fun

Today is this guy's birthday. 28 to be exact.

(swoon. be still my beating heart.)

Babe, I won't embarass you too much over the old interwebs. I adore you. I love you more intensely everyday, laugh harder, am challenged more, dream bigger, rely on God more, live deeper, and have more joy because of you. You astound me and I am so lucky you picked me. I hope your day is nothing short of amazing.

It is also our 3 year wedding anniversary. Yep that's right. He agree to forever make his day our day. What a selfless guy.

There are not enough words in the dictionary

to describe how much I love you.

They all come up short.

3 Years ago you changed my life
from ordinary to extraordinary.

Marrying you was and always will be

the best decision I have ever made.

Thank you for choosing me. I love you.


Brittany Ann said...

What a sweet couple you all are! Happy Anniversary!

Courtney said...

What a sweet post. Happy anniversary to you guys and happy birthday to your hubs!

Natalie said...

you guys are adorable :)
Happy annivesary!!

Lindsay said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Sorority Girl said...

The pictures are too cute. Happy birthday to your hubby and happy anniversary! xoxo.

Marsha Melton said...

Not only is your hubby a special guy, he is one of the smartest people I know because he picked such a wonderful girl to be his bride!! Course, I am a little biased - can't help myself! Personally, I think he is the lucky one - but that's just me! These pics sure bring back the memories - what a beautiful couple!
Love you both - Mom

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Your wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Congrats on your wonderful hubby!!
=) I bet he feels the same way about you too!