checkout etiquette?

I just got back from the grocery store a little bit ago. What is usually a completely uneventful outing has now left me dazed, confused, and promising to never buy anything but a head of lettuce from the grocery store for as long as I live.

The lady checking out my food, about halfway through my items, turns to me and asks "So how long will this food last you?".

I manage to squeak out a mortified two weeks-all the while thinking is that too short- and she smirks and continues on her merry way.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Was she just trying to make small talk or was that an insult?

So in the spirit of being the voice for all of the attacked grocery store patrons everywhere: I give you a list of other things Wal-Mart checkers SHOULD not say to someone while ringing up their weekly necessities. Wal-mart checkers:take notes.

1.Do you need help getting all of this into your car? Is your car big enough?

2. Wow, how many hungry mouths do you have at home?

3. Having a party?

4. Would you like the latest subscription of FIT Magazine?

5. I wonder how many calories are in your cart?

6. Is this all yours?

7. I need a restock on aisle 6.

8. And my personal fav: Aww...eating for two. When are you due?

Thank you Wal-Mart. As if walking past the rows of fashion magazines wasn't enough-you have found new ways to test my self-esteem and take a poke at my extra love! Ha!


Kelsey Claire said...

Haha! I love it!

Lindsay said...

OH Bother! :) You are beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

LOL!! Gotta love Walmartians.

Brittany Ann said...

What can you expect from Wal-Mart? Every time I shop there, I prepare for something mind-numbing to occur, too:) Don't worry, hun! It's them! Not you! You're gorgeous!