Call Me Old Fashioned

But I Believe:

that no matter how old you get, you are never too old for fireworks or cotton candy.

that being married SHOULD mean that you are off limits to anyone slse.

that you should be required to let at least one waiting car into your line in traffic.

that children should call all adults Mr or Miss.

that getting "wasted" is not ladylike.

that people who work together should not date each other. Especially if one is the boss of the other.

that answering "What" when someone says your name is not acceptable.

that thinking of yourself FIRST is not the way to live your life.

that having a positive attitude in life is worth everything.

that a little manual labor never hurt anybody.

that the guy should always make the first move, pay for the date, and hold the door open.

BUT, the above belief does not make you any less of a woman, but maybe more so.

that the man should be the strong head of the family.

Maybe if we all got back to basics and were a little old fashioned, life may just be a little bit sweeter and better. What old fashioned beliefs do you still hold on to?


Kelly said...

Love this post. Some of these are so true. I'm a brand new follower.

Brittany said...

I totally agree with you! The world might be a little better place if everyone would implement these in their daily lives.

Brittany Ann said...

Couldn't agree more! Although, I have to admit, my husband was my boss. We were never involved while we worked for the same people though. Our entire relationship was started after we both left that job!