Reason #564778888899903246 why I need an Iphone!

Greetings from Charlotte, NC! Thanks for all of your tips and comments on my last post! I am in my second week here and am adjusting to new surroundings, living in a hotel, and working with new people. When they sent me down here they sent me down here to work and work is ALL I have been doing! I have been working 12 to 13 hour days and am EXHAUSTED at night. Also I have limited access to the internet while I have been waiting on work to get my laptop to me!

My hotel is great and I LOVE having a cleaning lady(hubby beware!). I could get VERY spoiled during this 6 weeks! ha! The hubs is coming up this weekend for Labor Day and I am excited. I MISS THAT BOY! I haven't done a whole lot while I have been here. I have been battling a serious 6 day cold that Will not go away. I am battling losing my voice so I have been taking it easy.

One thing I have been doing a lot of is watching tv of course: Bachelor Pad, Real Housewives. You name it I have probably been watching it.

So excited about Tenley and Kiptyn. They need to get married.
RHONJ reunion show was about the craziest thing ever. Just throw a boxing ring up there ane let these ladies go at it already. I am losing faith in Jaqueline, she used to be my fav but now I feel like she eggs things on. I love Caroline, Danielle is mental as usual, and Theresa clearly needs anger managment classes.

How random is the cast of Dancing with the Stars? I feel like "The Situation" will probably dance the entire season in a belly shirt, Audrina will probably hook up with her partner, and Jennifer Gray may possibly get another nose job to make her unrecognizable before the show is up! Will you tune in?

Can't wait to catch up on all of your lives now that I reconnected to the Internet.

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Marsha Melton said...


Was so surprised to see your post today!! I have missed it so much! So glad that Jonathan is coming for the weekend!! That is great news!! Love the new look of your blog - so cute! See you soon - can't wait.
Love, Mom