3 holes in one??

I am just so stinkin blessed here in Florida. This past Friday I got to see one of my bridesmaids and her husband. They are in town on vacation going to see the big RAT! I have found that if you pick someplace fun to live you have absolutely NO problem getting people to come see you. So we went to dinner and let me just tell you we had a blast. My friend is one of those precious friends that I like to call the low maintenance friend. We are super close and have been since high school and yet we talk maybe 4 times a year. But we pick up right where we left off....I LOVE that!! It makes it so much easier to stay close no matter how far away you live.

Saturday we went to play putt-putt with some close friends here in Lakeland. And I rocked the course...I was a putting MACHINE!! I had 3 holes in one!!! And I shot alot under par(I don't remember the actual score) but I do know that I scored major points with the hubby with those hole in ones. He loves it when I actually manage to do something resembling athleticism.....it happens few and far in between. So yes he has to take joy in even my lame putt-putt score!! :)

On a sad note, today we got word that a family in our church was driving on Sunday to go to church and got into a car accident. Their precious 5 year-old daughter passed away yesterday. It just breaks my heart. I can't even fathom how much their family must be hurting. And of course you would like to think that this won't shake their faith or anger them towards God, but you can't help but wonder how easy it will be for this to do just that. I would like to think that I could be strong through a situation that tough, but you never really know until you are in that situation. I pray that God would put encouragers in their life to lift them up and speak truth to them. If you think about it at some point, please pray that this family clings to the Lord instead of running from Him.

I'm off to do some relaxing -aka being grossly lazy- I have been working twelve hour days for about a week now and I am burnt out. They sure don't tell you all the excting parts of being an adult before you become one. Stay in school as long as you can kids!

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