ready for lift off....

Today was a fabulous day!!!! I took off so Jonathan and I could have a play day. He starts work officially tomorrow so we wanted one last day to goof off together before things get super busy with us both having to work. So anyways we went to the KSC to day. Yes the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER!!! It was super fun!!!I feel about 8400 times smarter after the day too. Don't you love those days when you have fun and you learned a crapload too???!!! We got to see tons of these different shuttles and see some really cool footage of the Apollo dudes walking on the moon. It was pretty sweet. I came to the conclusion that even if I wanted to go to the moon...I couldn't. Those living quarters are ridiculously small and I am pretty sure I would literally go stark raving mad!! :) We had a blast today being silly and I am convinced that we should have a goof off day every day!

My hubby starts work tomorrow and while many would say aren't you excited you aren't the only breadwinner now...I say kinda. I think about all the things I like about having him stay home:

I hate grocery shopping- he does it during the week
I don't usually feel like cooking after work- he usually has dinner ready for me when I get home.
I don't like coming home to any empty house- he is usually there when I get home
I hate going to the bank- he goes during the day

Wow, I now know why lots of guys want their women to stay at home:) All that aside I am excited for him to have a job and I know he is looking forward to it.

Latest most depressing news:

This past Saturday we had some friends over to play games and hang out...I was bending over to pick some games up and my friend Kelly goes "Mandie do you have a rip in your jeans?" Lo and behold I had apparently ripped a GIGANTIC hole in my pants earlier that day. How embarassing. To my friends that were there: I apologize for flashing my buttocks for both of your husbands to see. To God: Okay I get it...Diet will start promptly on Monday. :)

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