Sicky, Sicky

UGHHHHH...i feel horrible! I am definitely sick! And for those of you who know me I NEVER get sick....I am pretty sure the last time I got sick was sophmore year living in the sorority house and I had bronchitis and I am pretty sure I haven't been sick since. I have no clue what it is....my throat is absolutely KILLING me...it hurts to even swallow and I feel all groggy. I have heard that strep throat is going around so if this throat thing doesn't go away by tomorrow, I may need to go to the doctor. Being sick sucks...I always forget how much because I usually get excited about the prospect of laying around at home doing nothing. But today I went home from work at noon and slept and watched entirely too much t.v. And you know what it got old aft about an hour!! I do not do well just relaxing....I need to be on the go!!

We have been so blessed in Lakeland to find such an incredible church. We have the best young marrieds Sunday school class ever!! They are so much fun and we have met so many incredible couples. We have lately been going through a series talking about the four different types of temperaments that people have. We took a test and I found out that I am what they call a sanguine. Yeah I know weird word right?? Basically it means that I am a freak because there were only four of us out of a class of like 50. OH well I am unique. Jonathan is a choleric(which I think sounds like a disease but anyway) We are both extroverts but different types of extroverts(surprise surprise). My type is apparently a super huge people person, spontaneous, unplanned, disorganized, slightly proud, stubborn, and insecure. Sounds just like me. Cholerics are perfectionists, they say what they feel, that aren't emotional,they make great leaders, and they are practical. Sounds like Jonathan. It is fun learning about the different temperaments and how to interact and communicate with each different one.

it is official: I am OBSESSED with the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It is a show about this family that took fertility drugs and now they have two 6 year-olds and 6 3 year-olds. Yeah she is pretty much amazing because she stays home all day with them and does such a great job with them. I get exhausted just even watching the show.....I can't even imagine!! But yeah all those kids are so stinking cute to watch, it makes me want to have kids.....but not right now or near that many!! If you get a chance to watch it comes on TLC alot!!!

Well I am off to go watch more television and be a pathetic sick person!! Thanks for letting me ramble ya'lls ear off!!!!

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