the glass should be half full people!!

So the other day at work we had to work a horrendously horrible day...we started at 5:30 in the am(normal time) and worked until 9:00 in the pm(not normal time). Yep 15 excruciatingly long hours at work...so at the end of the night we were talking about something and me being the forever optimist said" well it could be worse". Let's just say I am lucky no one started throwing punches at my head. Everyone was not so appreciative about that comment. But you know I don't care what those little empty glassers think.......I could have been dealing with other things during that 15 hour period than just a long exhausting day.....having seizures and not knowing what is the cause, having 50% kidney failure at the age of 22, dealing with cancer and having it take away all of the mobility of your extremities, finding out that your spouse has been cheating on you and then getting kicked out of your home....these are ALL things that are being dealt with on a daily basis by people I KNOW. YEs i would say that puts things in perspective quite quickly.....anyway I just wanted to say that if you are not dealing with anything even remotely as bad as the above..consider yourself extremely blessed and put on a happy face!!!

P.S I just bought some super cute super cheap decent length shorts from OLD Navy for 9 dollars....they are having a 50% off sale...incredible....that should put most of you in a grand mood!!

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