America ....the GREAT!

Well this past fourth of July weekend was fantastic....I love living in America!!! I honestly feel sorry for people who don't get to celebrate the 4th...what an exceptionally great holiday...it could be my favorite holiday(after Christmas of course)! We went over to a friend's house and had a BBQ with some of my favorite people...the food was delicious...and I found out that the only thing that may make my husband happier than sports is melon balls...who knew that was all I had to do. The official melon baller is going on my grocery list!! Then we headed over to Tiger Town to watch fireworks!!! Now the only thing I love more than looking at Christmas lights is watching fireworks....incredible. The finale was absolutely to die for....talk about constant great explosions in the air. Then Saturday night we finished off our weekend with a good ole American baseball game!!! We went with two couples. One of the couples we had never hung out with before. They just started going to our church and were put into our care group for Sunday school. So we invited them out with one of our favortie couples JD and Kim and Kim's friend Heather. The 7 of us had a blast!! I can't remember the last time I have laughed so hard!! I LOVE making new friends!!

Jonathan and I are going out of town to Ft. Myers to go on vacation for our 1 year anniversary. I am so stinkin excited!! We are going on an airboat excursion through the Everglades!! I cannot wait!!! I will update you when we get back from our trip!!!

Hooray America!

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