improve your serve!

So today I was driving to work today and was listening to Charles Stanley on the JOY FM. Every morning around 5:30 he comes one....and because I am unfortunately driving to work I am blessed to hear all of his sermons...which is good because there is no way I have the strength to get up early to do my quiet time so this is just a little pick me up in the morning. Anyways he was talking about the importance of serving and he said that God obviously wanted us to do good works and serve others in the name of Jesus. He made the point that if God didn't want us to do that then He would just pick us up and take us to Heaven right after we are saved. Well now everyone knows that we are supposed to serve so I guess it shouldn't have been such a lightbulb going on in my head. He asked thae question what are doing to serve others in your daily life.......and literally I COULD NOT COME UP WITH AN ANSWER! I don't know what I am doing to serve others... nothing really...I mean sure I serve others every now and then..but what I am doing consistently on a daily basis to serve others......gosh that sure is a big slice of humble pie to swallow.........no matter what I am doing throughout my day it does not matter if I have not served anybody...so my challenge to myself is to serve somebody every day........consistently....I will up date you on how it goes!!

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