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I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! And I am one of those people who love other people's birthdays more than my own probably. So anways yesterday was my birthday and it was fabulous!! I have the best friends and family anyone can ever ask for!! I was just showered with phone calls all day and felt special the whole day!! only problem is I had to go to work....apparently when you are an adult you can't just not go to work for your birthday???!!!! haha....anyways my husband is fantastic and we got home and had dinner and then i opened my gifts up...he is soooo good at shopping for me.....he gets me stuff that I would love but he doesn't ask for ANY ideas on what to get me...i got a CD he knew that I would want but I haven't really mentioned it(but the truth is I have been telling myself that I need to buy it forever), and this really cute wall hanging, and this stinking awesome picture frame...he knows how I love picture frames...and this super cute pair of Bermuda shorts!!!! What a guy! Then he surprised me with Chuck E Cheese. We went and played all their games and had a blast!! haha...he knows that if you take me somewhere I can act like a silly kid...then i will be happy!!!

In other news......one of the greatest people in the world is coming to visit today! My longest and dearest friend Merryl Barker! She is what I like to call the platonic soulmate! I met her when i was in ninth grade. She was a youth pastor at the church that I went to and she is pretty much the reason that I accepted Jesus into my life. Anyways we have been like sisters ever since! She is probably the most encouraging women I know and she is just so selfless and Christlike it is ridiculous!! Having her around is always a breath of fresh air for me!! I seriously cannot wait!! This weekend is gonna be great! She will be here until Saturday and then on Saturday night, a group of us are going to Howl at the Moon!! It is this dueling piano bar and it is super fun...they sing all these songs on the piano at your request...it is so great!! Anyways....I hope all of you have as special a day as my birthday was!! PEACE!

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Garcia Family said...

Happy Birthday again cousin! I would have called you but I don't think I even have a phone number for you. I'll send you mine on facebook. Sounds like you had a great day! Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding, you're coming right? Have a great weekend.