talk to me!!

Ok so guys last week I lost my phone...I couldn't have even began to know where....I JUST couldn't find it. Jonathan and I would tear up the house every night looking for that pesky little phone.....(of course it was on silent, so we were actually calling it and trying to be quiet enough for us to be able to hear the vibrating). Well anyways I was MISERABLE for like the entire week....I couldn't do anything....I never realized how much I relied on my phone. We don't have a house phone so i was really in trouble. Anyways the little guy decided to slip outta my pocket while i was eating lunch on Monday. Luckily I was desperate enough to actually call them(even though I didn't think it would be there) and the sweet lady that answered the phone told me they had it.....HOORAY!!! Seriously I can't remember the last time I was that excited. Sad I know!

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