Brain Fart

Why yes I did just include the word fart in my post title! Because dear friends, it is the only way to describe how silly and forgetful I felt a few days ago. Let me give you the background.

One of my dear friends, M, and I were discussing a few months ago for her to come and visit in December. We discussed two different weekends, but after talking I thought we had decided on the 18th as the weekend that she would come. So I put it in my planner and began the ecstatic countdown.

Fast forward to a week ago, when I was talking to one of my best friends about coming to visit Lakeland in December. I opened up my planner and saw that the only free weekend I had was the 11th(this weekend). So we made the plans! I called some other friends from our old church and before I knew it, one of my dear friends was organizing a girl's night for a bunch of us in honor of my coming into town. Well I was very ecstatic and began the countdown for that weekend too.

But WAIT...then I get a voice message from my dear friend M that she couldn't wait to see me the next weekend(which would be the 11th for those of you that are not keeping track!).


Panicking, I call her back....Are you sure it is this weekend? I thought you were coming next weekend?

Alas, she is coming in this weekend! Of course, I feel like the WORST friend ever because not only did I get the date wrong, but it kind of looks like I was so NOT excited for her to visit that I didn't even know when she was coming!! And to top it all off, I had to call all of my Lakeland friends that I had made plans with.
Imagine how that conversation went: " I know I said I was coming and all....but JUST KIDDING......haha wasn't that a funny joke I played on you!"

Yeah readers-let's just say they didn't think it was too funny!!( in all honesty they weren't mad, they were just dissapointed)

Golly- royal screwup of the year- RIGHT HERE!!!


Kendi Lea said...

I know who "M" is and I'm jealous! I hope ya'll have fun! And it's always better to have too many friends than not enough :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Friends are easy to forgive, right!!! I found your blog through my friend Ash!!