I got nothing

First of all- THANK YOU ladies for all of your sweet comments on the last post!! You guys made me feel so normal about the situation. And it is nice to know that even when my IRL friends are not being that great, I always have my bloggy friends to pick me up!! This is why I love blogging!!!

My new bloggy friend Misty asked what I thought would be good ways to stay in touch if the phone is not your thing. For me personally, I DON'T like talking on the phone that much.....but it is a necessary evil when you have distance in between you.

So, some things that work for me:

1. I have a phone date every Monday with one of my besties and we eat ice cream while we talk and we don't change the date EVER(well unless we really need to). This helps because we don't play phone tag with each other and we both know when we are talking. Also this helps with not having any distractions..since you know you will be talking.

2. I also try to call people when I am in the car driving somewhere. It makes it easy, you are in the car for a certain amount of time and then you get off when you arrive. This keeps the conversation from being too long and overwhelming. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by feeling like I have to talk to someone for an hour for it to be meaninful. This is not true. So, the "car" talks keep it short and sweet.

3. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Use this technology to your advantage. It is a great way to let somebody know you love and miss them when you are busy.

4. Snail mail or email. I personally love snail mail. So great!

Anybody have any other advice...leave it in the comments below.

Basically not too much is going on and I really have nothing of interest to post!

So who is ready for Christmas???? I AM, I AM!!

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday at the outlet mall. And let me just tell you the Banana Republic outlet made me FORGET that I was shopping for other people. I just wanted to buy for me!!!! But I resisted!

T-minus two days till I go visit my hometown and see my parents. Can you believe it has been two years since I have set foot in my hometown. Ridic.


Brittany said...

WOW 2 years! thats crazy. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I totally love snail mail too.

Brittany Ann said...

I am the car-calling queen! I hate to chat on my cell phone, so in the car makes it less painless. It helps me feel like I'm multi-tasking!

Tiffany said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip home! And I am like you...I always call people when I'm in the car. I have a 25 mile commute to work (each way) so on the way home I always make 1-2 calls.

Juliana said...

I love snail mail too!!!!

Happy New Year! I am a new follower. Pop on over to my bloggy blog and follow back if you would like. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better. It is nice to "meet" you!!