Christmas with the Howards!!

In the spirit of Christmas approaching, I promised a quick peek at our decorations for Christmas!! I personally don't think we have enough Christmas decorations...so every year I try to get more, which I am sure my husband just loves! Let me just say that we DON'T do sophisticated Christmas decorations here. (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am just always attracted to the cheeky, child-like part of Christmas...so that is what I buy! Here is what we have accumulated over the past three years!

Frist off-the OU Santa in our bathroom. His list says that we want the best football team in the land. Maybe next year, Santa, maybe next year.....

Hubs decided he wanted in on the nutcracker fun. Here is the start of my collection....I love them so much!!! Must get more!

Our little nativity set. We get a new piece each year!

The is a little reindeer training center that my grandmother painted. I love it!! It cracks me up that little reindeer up on top learning to fly!

I REALLY like reindeer too!! And this one is covered in glitter! :)

Reindeer plate that is now filled with candy!

Onto the ornaments.....
One of my favs..this really glittery and beautiful snowflake.

Just got this one this year..the Lord's prayer.

My fav childhood ornament..the nutcracker...love this ballet and ornament.

Gingerbread couple from our first Christmas married.

Pottery Barn frame ornament. We got this last year..I need to put a pic of us in it!

Our Just married ornament...this is adorable!

My dining room table!

Our mantle with our stockings......which reminds me I need to finish making Jonathan's personalized stocking this year so we can get rid of the generic stocking!

Our tree skirt....needs more presents on there...that is just sad I know!

And for the finale......our Charlie Brown Christmas tree....complete with colored lights!! YES!!!

And that about does it!!! Nothing too crazy....I want to be that house someday that completely tranforms at Christmas time..but I have a ways to go!!!

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