Better than a ham

Ok I have to brag for a second. I officially have the greatest boss in the entire world. He called me into his office yesterday and handed me two pieces of paper and said Merry Christmas. I opened it up to find that it is two tickets to go see Gavin DeGraw, Natasha Bedingfeld, FlyLeaf, and Colbie Callat(not sure if that is how you spell her name)this coming Sunday!! I mean first off how many bosses actually know and remember what kind of music you like and secondly a concert??? This is so awesome!!!! I am so stinkin excited!! I do have to say that it is much better than a ham!!! haha!!!

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realolivegreen said...


that is awesome! Gavin was at the fair this year and he is great live. i'm jealous of Colbie Callait!