I LOVE weddings! I mean I really love them. I am pretty sure that becoming a professional wedding attender could be in my near future. I definitely could go to random strangers weddings and even throw in some crying for good measure. THAT is how much I love weddings. They make my heart so happy. Oh and it doesn't hurt that I love to dance and don't do it that much so every wedding is another opportunity to shake my groove thang. This weekend is one of my dear friends Theresa's wedding. That is Theres and her man. They were engaged for well over a year. And I don't know how they did it. 11 months was too long for me. So I am super excited for it. I am her matron of honor(sidenote: isn't that name just hideous???? MATRON....why, why, why do I have to be the matron....seriously it makes feel old and unattractive.....) But she is doing some really fun things for her wedding. She is getting married in this really great barn..... and she has this tree branch thing on all of her centerpieces that looks like this:
Isn't that great for a winter wedding. And she is hanging crystals from the branches. Also she is doing this fun idea with pinecones...love this for a winter wedding.
I will take lots of pictures for you guys to see the real deal. So adorable and I can't wait for her wedding. Now I just have to plan my toast...EEK! :)

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