one great holiday

My Thanksgiving holiday was terrific!! I hope everyone else had a lovely one as well. I hosted my very first Thanksgiving dinner at our place and I cooked everything!! And it was actually good......I say this with surprise because I am by no means a cook and can manage to mess up anything. But everything went off without a hitch and my entire family agreed that the meal tasted just like Mom's. (What a great compliment...just what I was going for) I had a couple of scares....for example...I accidentally grabbed the sweetened condensed milk out of the pantry instead of the evaporated milk and put it into my pumpkin pie. Well as soon as I found out, I started crying.(Yeah yeah give me a break...I was stressed and hormonal) But after giving it a taste test, I think I am on to something. It was VERY good. So if you ever do this do not fret. That little mistake works wonders for you pumpkin pie. But all in all it was a fabulous weekend.We had Christmas with my family and my family once again spoiled us rotten(not that I mind)!! Can you believe though that I did not take any pictures??? The entire weekend. Geez I don't see my family ever and I forgot to take pictures!! Oh well I guess we were just having too much fun!!

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