Jingle Bells

Last night the hubster and I volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army kettle. We signed up through our church and because I am a serious over acheiver, I automatically signed up for it despite my protesting husband. Yesterday of course wast the longest day at work ever and so of course I couldn't even go home and had to pick up my husband and go straight there. Let's just say we were both regretting my decision to sign us up for this.( I know we are terrible) But it actually turned out to be a blast. I got some much needed QT(quality time) with my husband. We made it our personal goal to wish every person either a Merry Christmas or a great night. This was so fun. Who knew that wishing people Merry Christmas would make you feel so good. Oh yeah and we turned it into a competition of how much money we could collect. Although we really don't know what anyone else collected...I feel confident that we were on top. Anyways the point of this post was to say that the Lord really can turn things that you are not that excited about doing into blessings. It was a blessing to hang out with my husband and a blessing to talk to a bunch of strangers. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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