Just wanted to share with you guys the CD I am OBSESSED with lately. You need to immediately leave your computer and run to you nearest music store and buy this CD. Jimmy Needham is the singer and let me just tell you he is not only an incredible musician, but he has the most incredible passion for Jesus and you can tell in his lyrics. I love that his entire CD challenges us as believers to think about things deeper and not just go through the motions of our Christian faith. But to really make a difference. I feel like I learn so much when I listen to his music. And it is good. This CD has seriously been a joy to own and listen to. Oh and it would also make great stocking stuffers!! Oh and I have uploaded a song of his to my play list. It is called "Hurricane" and it is off this latest album. Listen to it and see if you like him. I can pretty much guarantee you will!!

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The Rowe Crew said...

You are WAY too kind and I'm completely humbled by your sweet words!!! I was just having one of those, "I'm the worst mom ever" days, so I guess God laid it on your heart to help a sister out :o). I've just read your last two posts and your heart is just precious! I love your giving tree story...we are all so blessed for sure. And I noticed you have some Kari Jobe and Hillsong songs on your playlist...two of my faves :o). Thanks again for your encouragement.