Today is not a very happy day on the job front. I am super panicked today. Our team screwed up. I know we did. And now I have to try to explain to our customer how we let something so important slip through the cracks the way we did. I mean I even had recurring nightmares about it all last night. It is no fun being in charge sometimes. I mean sure getting to come in when you want, take long lunches if you want, and delegating are fun. But not having to be the one to own up to the screw-ups of those you supervise. I REALLY do not want to get yelled at today. And I aboslutely HATE dissapointing people(the people-pleaser in me). So I need this day to be over and quick. Yuck what a very bad, no good, rotten day. Please shoot a prayer up to the big guy for me if you think about it. On a lighter note: it is almost the weekend.

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Garcia Family said...

Little Prayer going out! That's why I'm glad I'm still a peon at my job. But in March I'll be taking over two divisions by myself! YIKES! And because we kind of work alone for what we call our "Customers" (which is weird cause they aren't customers but other divisions in the Lab) the screw up will really be all my fault (Pray that there aren't any screw ups! I could go to jail if I screw up too bad! GEEZ!). So the bright side is that it wasn't just you who is ultimately responsible and you probably won't go to jail, which is always nice. So Good LUCK! Hope it turns out well for you. :)