Rockin it

Last night the hubs and my boss and I headed over to the House of Blues in Orlando to hear this XCELLENT Christmas concert that was raising money for Toys For Tots. If you remember this is my super awesome Christmas gift from my boss that I wrote about in a previous post. So the line-up was Natasha Bedingfeld, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, and David Cook. It was absolutely incredible. The entire show was acoustic and I LOVE acoustic shows. There is just something about taking away the majority of the music and being able to completely hear the singer. So anyways, I have always been a fan of Gavin's( um hello i have seen him live three times and we are so on a first name basis), and I have always enjoyed Colbie Callait and Natasha Bedengfeld's music. But now i think I need to immediately go buy their albums. Their live voices are INCREDIBLE!!! They both completely rocked it out. And I am always somebody who will support someone actually being able to sing well live as opposed to sucking. And David Cook was incredible! We had a fantastic time despite being smooshed in between a very lively threesome on the left and some very public lesbians on the right. But that dear friends is a story for another day!

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realolivegreen said...

ah! i'm so jealous! i love acoustic shows!